Company History

Dingjide is a subsidiary of Liaoning Dingjide Group, founded in 1931 and derived from the former Yingkou Textile Factory. The Dingjide Group includes businesses in mining, textiles, cement and petrochemical manufacturing. By the end of 2013, total asset value reached $16 million, and gross sales revenue hit $11 billion.


Dingjide is a technology-oriented manufacturer based in the Liaoning Province, since 2004. Primarily a manufacturer for the polyolefin industry, we specialise in the production of polyolefin catalysts and additives including DJD series catalysts. The company currently has 400 plus staff. Gross sales revenue reached $80 million in 2013.

Global Growth

After over 10 years' development, Dingjide has been the leading producer of polyolefin catalysts and additives in China. Our products have a large market share in China and also in Africa, Asia, and America. Recent expansion into Europe means we are now a worldwide supplier.

Customer Care

Our company target is to build a good reputation through solid business relationships. We aim to achieve this with high quality, competitively-priced products specific to your requirements.